Ice Cream Truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for CJU ice cream! When attendees need a pick-me-up after a great day of networking, they will scream with delight for your branded ice cream social. McConnel's Ice Cream, a Santa Barbara favorite, will be onsite to scoop and serve ice cream cones, directly from their ice cream truck.

Water Bottle

When attendees reach for their CJU water bottle, they will see your logo and thank you. This branded water bottle can be refilled at sponsored signature stations placed throughout CJU and is convenient for travel, work, and to take on the go after CJU.

Rise and Shine Yoga

Your brand will be top of mind as clients start their day off with a gentle morning yoga class! This session will be held on the front lawn of the Hilton Santa Barbara, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Deadline for this sponsorship is Friday, August 14, 2020.

Smoothie Bar

Give clients a boost of energy with on-site blended smoothies that are sure to please! The Smoothie Bar will be offered on Tuesday, Sept 15 from 10:15 AM-12:15 PM in the Grand Foyer.

Silent DISCOvery Lab Trainings

CJU attendees rave about our dynamic Discovery Lab trainings. Each training is equipped with “silent disco” headphones so attendees can focus on their training and learn in this innovative, educational hub.

Session Recharge

Keep attendees going strong between sessions and networking. Co-sponsor the session recharge including coffee, tea, sodas, and snacks.

Publisher Spotlight

New at CJU! We're highlighting new and thriving publishers on the CJ network. This is an exceptional opportunity to 'spotlight' your brand and educate advertisers to drive new partnerships.

Donut Wall

Your brand + donuts = a sure to be a hit at CJU! Partner with us to bring our 6ft donut wall to life and provide delicious donuts for all CJU attendees. The donut wall will be offered on Tuesday, September 15th from 8:30 AM-11:30 AM in the lobby.

CJU Casino

Treat CJU attendees to a night of high-stakes fun at the After Party casino. The excitement in the CJU Casino has proven to be a hit each year, and your brand will be in the center of all the action!


Make sure everyone leaves CJU sunburn free! The sun is bright, and the days are fun, so help attendees stay protected with a branded SPF 30 sunscreen.

Photo Booth at After Party

Help attendees capture the memories of the After Party with a branded photo booth. Attendees enjoy posing with party props (hats, boas, glasses, wigs, masks, etc.) and get to take home their photo strips branded with your logo.

Content Mixer

Your brand will be front and center among the top influencers and media publishers at the CJU20 Content Mixer, on Tuesday September 16th from 11:00AM - 12:00PM. Invited guests will enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and signature drinks on the Rotunda overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect event for Instagrammable photos, mixing, mingling, and networking. The Content Mixer sponsorship is a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness while connecting with the best in the industry.

Attendee Room Drop

Surprise and delight attendees with a special gift delivered right to their room with the added benefit of learning about your company’s affiliate program!

Tarot Card Reader

Your brand will be the life of the After Party as a co-sponsor of CJU’s trusted Tarot Card Reader. Readings will be available during the After Party from 9:00 PM-12:00 AM.

Photo Booth at Welcome Party

Be part of the Welcome Party and help attendees capture the memories with a branded photo booth. Attendees enjoy posing with party props (hats, boas, glasses, wigs, masks, etc.) and receive a photo strips branded with your logo.

SSID-Wireless Network

Help CJU attendees access the Internet throughout the host resort with the wireless internet sponsorship. At an online marketing networking event, this sponsorship is crucial for creating connections.

New to CJU Happy Hour

Every year CJU welcomes first-time attendees (and CJU veterans!) to this amazing event. Help them feel like a seasoned pro by hosting the New to CJU Happy Hour on Monday, September 14th from 4:15PM - 5:15PM at The Set bar at the Hilton Santa Barbara.

Hotel Key Card

Be the brand folks carry around with them throughout the conference, and the one they thank for getting them into their room to rest after a busy day. With this sponsorship your logo is imprinted on the hotel key cards and can be accompanied with a handout.

Do Not Disturb Signs

Everyone needs a break from the amazing networking, education, and fun at CJU. Your branded "Do Not Disturb" sign will offer attendees much needed R&R at the host hotel, Hilton Santa Barbara.

CJU Event Photography

Your brand will get great exposure with this sponsorship. Your logo will be printed on the t-shirts of our official photographers throughout CJU and the recognition will last long after the conference has ended.

Relaxation Station

Allow CJU attendees to get in a relaxed, California state of mind with complimentary 10-minute chair massages at the Growth Expo on Tuesday afternoon!

Keynote Seat Drop

Put your company front-and-center with a branded keynote seat drop on the morning CJU kicks off!

Attendee Bag Drop

Got something you’d like to share with everyone at CJU? Here’s a great way to drop a reminder of your company right inside the official CJU attendee bag.